The Winery

Revecca Spirits is a traditional Commandaria winery in Ayios Mamas – Limassol Cyprus . It is housed into an officially preserved house where Revecca Christou used as her residence from 1925 until late 80s. The house is presently under a renovation project. The purpose of the project is to renovate the building by preserving its original character while the same time to facilitate a modern wine producing plant.

The main product of the winery is Commandaria Wine. However it is producing also some other Red and White Wines as well as a small amount of the traditional high concentration spirit drink (45%) called Zivania. The main characteristic of all the products is the traditional recipes used. The grapes used are mainly the local species of “mavro” (black), “xinisteri” (a fruity white grape) and “Malaga” (an aromatic white grape). Some other Cypriot or International species like Cabernet, Mattaro, Maratheftico, Chardonnay can also be used, however only in very small and controlled quantities to enrich the traditional product without dominating its characteristics.

The visitor can see the collocated museum of old tools used for the cultivation of the land and the production of wine in Cyprus . Of course they can also see the modern production plant and taste our wines.